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Data Management

ZTAA supports creation of advanced security rules which can conrol access based on device security poture. Advanced security checks such as Device,Operating System , Antivirus,location details etc can be configured using data management features. Dataset created here will be used in access control list to configure rules.

Creating a Dataset

1- To create dataset, go to configuration section of the console and click on Data Management.

2- Click on create a new Data Set. Fill the details and select Parameter/Variable you want to create data set for.

ZTAA currently supports the following types of parameters using which dataset can be created. These are

  • AntiVirus Enabled Name

  • AntiVirus Installed Name

  • AntiVirus Updated Name

  • Country
  • DateTime
  • Mac Address
  • OS Build Version
  • OS Family
  • OS Main Version
  • OS Minor Version
  • System Domain Name
  • Location
  • Serial no
  • Serial number

3- Click on "Create Dataset" button.

Details on creating a data set can be seen in the video below.